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Patch placements for your uniform







1. Neckerchief

2. Neckerchief slide

3. American Flag

4. Council Shoulder Emblem
(The example above is from another Council.)

5. Pack numerals (575)

6. World Crest

7. Religious Emblem Square Knot

8. Bobcat Badge

9. Tiger Badge

10. Wolf Badge

11. Bear Badge

12. Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award

13. Temporary patch (only one item should be hanging at a time)

14. Recruiter Strip

Basic Uniform Check:

1. Wearing buttoned-up shirt (blue for grades 1-3 or tan for grades 4-5) with neckerchief and neckerchief slide. We suggest a short sleeve shirt.

2. All badges are securely attached. We recommend sewing or using Badge Magic (no staples or safety pins).

3. Only one item hanging (not sewn) from the right pocket and nothing hanging from the left pocket.

4. Only allowable badges (3-14) on shirt and no temporary badges (e.g. participation patches) are sewn on the shirt. Nothing sewn on the back.

5. The Cub Scout also wears his hat, belt, socks and pants (pants and socks are optional for Tigers.)